Thursday, October 4, 2012

57th Annual VFW DeKalb County Agricultural Fair by John Dersham

Our fair is another example of the close fellowship we enjoy here in DeKalb County. The fair exemplifies fellowship of a whole lot of people volunteering their time, working together with civic organizations, agricultural organizations, art and cultural clubs, local businesses and schools to produce one of the finest county fairs you will see anywhere in our region. Year after year our VFW fair is a big success. It is the effort of so many people representing various entities in our county that make it so successful, including the efforts of the fair staff and committees headed up by VFW Fair Chairman, Charles Stephens. The difference in our fair, compared to other counties in our region has nothing to do with the midway and the carnival portion , but instead, the well organized, highly attended locally produced venues.
We treat our fair just like most everything else we do here in DeKalb County. We get involved and we participate. If you question this go to any local football game on Friday night and further more go to an away game and see how many are there from our home towns. We are exactly how we Americans like to define ourselves. We support the efforts of our communities in the area of schools, law enforcement, political offices, volunteer agencies, churches, local civic organizations and clubs. We support fighting for our freedom and for our way of life. When there is a disaster we are out in force to help.
Today in this crazy world where everything seems to be changing minute by minute it is nice to live and work in a community that has transcended these changes and kept its identity even in a world of high tech, population shifts and population diversity. We still seem like the good old USA and for that I am proud to call DeKalb County my home.
Our award winning fair seems a little better each year. This year we were blessed with the perfect weather again. There is something about fall and the fair. Those towns and counties who don’t get a slot in late September or October are missing part of the joy of it all. It is great to see pumpkins and Mums adorning the landscape with the clear blue sky above and just the right temperature. Our region really supports our fair, I guess because it is the very best fair anywhere around. The crowds are always good. We always go with our grand kids on Saturday and get the $15.00 all you can ride package. They have so much fun. They are so full of joy and innocence. It always takes me back to my early “Fair Days” when I was a kid... Somehow life seems so full of joy at the fair. Happy faces and lots of laughing, joyful families make a great contribution to that feeling.