Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hallelujah Trail by John Dersham

A few years ago DeKalb Tourism introduced the DeKalb County Hallelujah Trail. The Hallelujah Trail is a brochure guide to a road trip of twenty historic churches in DeKalb County. The brochure contains a picture of each church with a description and a road map to their location. The DeKalb County Hallelujah Trail is part of a grant program from Alabama Mountain Lakes Tourist Association who in 2007 introduced the North Alabama Hallelujah Trail which consisted of thirty two historic churches in North Alabama, including two in DeKalb County. The two in DeKalb County are also included in our brochure. Alabama Mountain Lakes Tourist Association received support grants for their broader project through the Appalachian Regional Commission, the Alabama Department of Tourism and from Alabama Mountain Lakes Tourist Association. AMLTA has been instrumental in the long term support and development of tourism marketing programs geared specifically to developing successful long term tourism in the sixteen North Alabama counties.

I encourage you to take a day or two and go visit these churches. This is a fun and different way to view our beautiful county. If you tour our 20 churches listed you will also be getting a mini vacation throughout our county. Our historic churches cover the entire county. Along the way you can visit our other attractions. You can shop, you can eat and have a day re-discovering your home county with a different motive to lead you on the tour.

The first stop on your Hallelujah Trail daycation should be at DeKalb Tourism’s Information Center at 1503 Glenn Blvd S.W. Here you can pick up the Hallelujah Trail brochure and other travel guides and maps all will help you decide where to go, what to do along your Hallelujah Trail route.

The churches selected for our Hallelujah Trail are as follows:

*Particular churches were chosen based on age or because of other historical significance. A majority of the churches included have had continual congregations for more than one hundred years.

Our Lady of the Valley-Catholic Church in Fort Payne.
First Presbyterian Church of Fort Payne-Also part of North Alabama Hallelujah Trail
First United Methodist Church of Fort Payne
First Baptist Church of Fort Payne
White Hall Methodist Church of Hammondville
Valley Head Methodist Church
Little River Baptist Church- Mentone
Mentone United Methodist Church- Also on the North Alabama Hallelujah Trail
St Joseph’s on the Mountain Episcopal Church-Mentone
Sallie Howard Memorial Chapel- Mentone
New Oregon United Methodist Church- Fort Payne
Walker’s Chapel Methodist Church- Dogtown
Collinsville Presbyterian Church
Collinsville Baptist Church
Skirum Baptist Church
Fyffe Church of God
Robertson Chapel Methodist Church-Rainsville
Chavies Baptist Church-Rainsville
Trinity Methodist Church-Rainsville
Liberty Baptist Church-Henagar

For more information call us at 256-845-3957 or view our website at

Have a fun and safe trip!